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USAMV Cluj-Napoca relies on Academica Digital to simplify international mobilities processing

700+ applications

Managed between Jan-Oct 2023

5000+ documents

Sent between the university and applicants

250% increase

In mobility applications compared to previous year

About USAMV Cluj-Napoca

With almost 155 years of history, the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca is one of the leading universities in CEE. Over 2000 students graduate every year from 6 faculties.

Success story in short

Academica Digital enables USAMV Cluj-Napoca to update processes to a digital-first approach, considerably increasing the number of mobilities, and improving the experience of both administrative and applicant users. 

An unprecedented shift in academic expectations

Students today enter university with a new set of digital-age expectations, shaped by their experiences with smartphones, social media, and the ever-expanding digital ecosystem. They anticipate seamless access to digital experiences that eliminate rudimentary needs of moving files from one office to another within the university.
These changing academic expectations have not only challenged universities to adapt but have also created opportunities for institutions to innovate in delivering a more dynamic and inclusive educational experience.

As part of this academic evolution, universities must recognise the importance of flexibility, accessibility, and interactivity in their educational technology offerings.
Embracing this unprecedented shift requires universities to foster a culture of adaptability and ongoing technological innovation, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of delivering quality education in a rapidly changing academic landscape.

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USAMV Cluj-Napoca relies on Academica Digital to simplify international mobilities processing

The challenge of mobility management

As USAMV Cluj-Napoca embarked on its journey to enhance its internationalisation efforts, a significant challenge emerged. The university was faced with the daunting task of processing thousands of documents related to hundreds mobility applicants while simultaneously keeping track of their progress. This challenge was compounded by the institution’s aspirations to engage with new partners and encourage Erasmus applications, a critical aspect of fostering a diverse and enriching academic environment, all while keeping the processes cost-effective and efficient.

Thousands of documents

The influx of mobility applicants brought a substantial administrative burden in terms of document management. These documents included academic transcripts, letters of motivation, recommendation letters, and various other credentials. The volume was so significant that the university’s existing administrative processes were stretched to their limits.

Hundreds of applications

With a large number of mobility applicants, it became increasingly challenging to provide personalised support and guidance to each student. Keeping track of the various stages of their applications, from submission to acceptance, required a robust tracking system that was both efficient and transparent. The university had to address this issue to ensure a seamless experience for applicants and to maintain the quality of mobility programs.

Expanding the Mobility Programs

To foster a culture of international mobility, USAMV Cluj had to encourage more students to apply for Erasmus programs. This involved marketing and promoting these opportunities effectively, providing information sessions, and offering guidance on the application process. The university also aimed to break down potential barriers, such as language proficiency and financial constraints, to make Erasmus participation more inclusive.

Main Goals

These challenges in USAMV CN’s internationalisation journey sets the stage for the institution’s commitment to overcoming these obstacles and achieving its goals in fostering a global, dynamic, and inclusive academic community.

Use an efficient and centralised document processing system that reduces administrative workload and ensures timely and accurate assessment of mobility applications.

A comprehensive tracking system to monitor the progress of each mobility application, ensuring transparency and timely communication with applicants.

Increase the number of student applications for Erasmus programs YoY through targeted digital experiences, informational sessions, and support initiatives.

The Solution - Modern Mobility Management

For USAMV Cluj-Napoca, a reliable partner was the main requirement. Academica Digital is a trusted partner, that provided the know-how and the tools required for achieving such ambitious goals.

“Working with Academica Digital feels like having a whole new team in my department.”

Simona Oros, Mobility Coordinator @ USAMV Cluj-Napoca

Together with USAMV CN, we design an integrated way of informing and processing applications, combining content strategy with our powerful mobility management solution. USAMV Cluj opens, announces and manages sessions and applications digitally using the latest security and technology standards.

The applicant dashboard, easily configurable, allows applicants to view, manage and interact with the university in a modern way, increasing the reach of the program. They see the status and the steps necessary for a successful mobility, eliminating any confusion that might appear.

The support team at Academica Digital, enables USAMV Cluj-Napoca overcome challenges and provide reliable solutions regarding the needs of a modern international relations department.

Our support program helps actively offload university’s staff by interacting directly with applicants in order to solve any queries they have.

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USAMV Cluj-Napoca relies on Academica Digital to simplify international mobilities processing

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